Holiday at Home “Seaside Rock” August 8th to 11th 2016

Holiday at Home (AHG) presented “Seaside Rock” over 4 days starting at Allhallowgate Church Halls.

It ran from Monday August 8th until Thursday the 11th, the last day being in the Moors Care home, Quarry Moor.

This was designed for those local, perhaps older, people who although mobile & independant were unable to get away for a holiday. Here they could Socialise, take part in activities, hear speakers, see films, and enjoy entertainment & a Show. Volunteers provided Transport to and from the venues. The total cost per person was only£12.00 for the 4 days.

Diane Gaskill, of Ripon and the Dales Methodist Circuit planned the whole event with help from other Circuit staff. Volunteers from Allhallowgate Church helped with activities and served drinks and Lunch Monday to Wednesday. Thursday’s Lunch and refreshments were provided and served by Staff  at the Moors.The whole event was judged a success by those attending, many of whom were looking forward to the next time.