Noreen’s Kids

One of the Charities supported by members of our Church is “Noreen’s Kids”.

Here is an extract from their Christmas 2015 Newsletter:-

“The Garden
Some exciting news is that the garden is being upgraded to make it wheelchair usable in all weathers. Although it has always been a good resource in the dry weather we have had problems with wheelchairs outside in the garden, if it has rained recently. Also the swing has got very dilapidated and needs replacing. We have made a succesful application to the Toy Trust in London and we are so grateful to them for the funds to complete this project. We are installing a new swing for those not in wheelchairs – Cristina, Doiniţa and of course Monica who loves to swing, will make sure it is well used. But in addition we have a wonderful group of supporters in Ripon in Yorkshire, who have fundraised for a “Platform Swing“ for wheel chairs so everyone can have a go.   The conventional swing has just arrived and we are organising transport for equipment that has been donated, and is in the UK including the platform swing and a new shower trolley.”
Lynda & Harold Blackburn who have done so much for Noreen’s kids themselves taking donations of clothes etc to Romania, have expressed their thanks to you all for contributing with on-line purchases and in other ways. They say “much appreciated and what a joy to see the new garden and play equipment being assembled.”

The Full 2015 Christmas Newsletter from Romania is reproduced below:-

You can find out more about “Noreen’s Kids here.
An easy way to raise funds while buying gifts furniture etc online without any extra cost  to you is at      Easyfundraising