People & Contacts

Any of the following can be contacted by telephone via the Circuit Office 01765 698363. Usual working hours Monday to Friday 8.30am to 12.30pm

Allhallowgate Minister :- Rev Helen Bell 

Diane Gaskill

Notices :-  Harold Blackburn

Treasurer :-  John Ensoll

Senior Steward :-  Bryan George   or

Vestry Stewards :-  Mr P Harris (  Mary Atkinson, Daphne Smith, Andrea Scott (, Marion Bailey, (, Val Smith ( ,   Enid Bickerstaffe

Lettings Sec :-  Robbie Scott  Halls Website  Ripon-uk-church-halls

Circuit Superintendant minister :- Rev Dr Pat Malham,

Circuit Administrative Manager :- Diane Gaskill  01765 698363

Circuit Support Manager :-  Pip Smith  01765 698363

Circuit Website  Ripon & Lower Dales Methodist Circuit

District Website

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