Church Hall Hire


Welcome to Allhallowgate Church Halls in Ripon.Yorkshire.

Contact or 07765 486213 for details.

Allhallowgate Main Hall above and below.

Allhallowgate Extended Main Hall above. When soundproof partition is closed the far section becomes the Corner Hall, and near section the Main Hall.   Below is part of the portable stage.

Above is the kitchen which has hatches to Main Hall and the Centre Hall.  A trolley with flasks can be used to provide refreshments in the corner Hall when it is partitioned off.

Allhallowgate Methodist Church,Victoria Grove, RIPON. North Yorkshire HG4 1LG 

We have a suite of 3 Main Halls, two of which can be either joined together or divided into two different configurations. An ideal size can be provided for almost all requirements both for  Church & Community use.

We are centrally situated in Ripon. just off the Market square and adjacent to the bus station and public car parks.

Brief details follow of each hall available for hire.

More detailed information is on the Brochure Page.

Main Hall     (Main Hall is 3.66 metres-11 feet-high)

Seating capacity (approx) Meeting Layout 110. Table Layout 80.

Hire charge £30.00 per hour. 

Corner Hall with a capacity of

Seating capacity (approx) Meeting Layout 40. Table Layout 30.

Hire Charge £17.25 per hour.

Extended Hall

The above two areas can be made into one:- Meeting Layout 150. Table Layout 110.

Hire Charge £40.00 per Hour.

Centre Hall.

Seating Capacity (approx) Meeting Layout 38 Table Layout 30.

Hire Charge £17.25 per Hour.


Men’s, Women’s & accessible Toilets are reached via linking corridor.


Well equipped. Hire Charge £17.25 per session.

Lettings Secretary or 07765 486213 for details.

Prices quoted are valid from 01.01.2024.


About Us.

Our Mission.

We are part of Allhallowgate Methodist Church in Ripon. We have been here since the late 19th Century and the Church building itself is very much as it was when built.

The interior is essentially the same overall shape although numerous changes have been made to furnishing and decoration.
There would have been only one fairly small hall attached to the Church in the early days, but since then at least two major renovations have taken place.The first one enlarged the Halls considerably while the more recent one was designed to make better use of the premises by radically changing the interior to a modern very smart and flexible facility. We feel that we are now able to reach out to the community more than ever and as a result we welcome many more people to our premises as well as using them for many Church related events. Please enquire if you would like further details of any of these events.

Allhallowgate Methodist Church, RIPON. (Before Halls were renovated)

Plan view of the Hall refurbishment above.

Side elevation of Halls (left) and Church (right) is shown below.

Another view of Allhallowgate Methodist Church, RIPON.

Lettings Secretary or 07765 486213 for details.

Sunday Morning Services are normally held in the church except once a month (Usually second Sunday), when Cafe Worship is held in the hall, (entrance from Victoria Grove). On these Sundays a more formal service may be held at Harrogate Road Church.



***********************************************************************   Contact:- or 07765 486213 for details.

Locate Us

Allhallowgate Church Halls, Victoria Grove, Ripon. North Yorkshire HG4 1LG

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Location Map of Allhallowgate Church Halls Ripon

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Directions to Allhallowgate Church Halls Ripon


You can park on the road outside the church Halls for up to two hours displaying a free parking disc available at local retailers. See website DISC PARKING for details .There are a number of car parks available. Most are charged for between 8am & 6pm.   See website  for details

Lettings Secretary

We’d love to hear from you!  Email us & we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

The Lettings Secretary,  or 07765 486213 for details.

Allhallowgate Church Halls,
Allhallowgate Methodist Church,
Victoria Grove,
North Yorkshire


Methodist Church Halls

Allhallowgate/Victoria Grove

Ripon HG4 1LG

We are centrally situated in Ripon, just off the Market Square, and adjacent to the Bus Station and Public Car Parks.

After extensive refurbishment in 2007, we have a smart suite of rooms available for use by Church and Community Groups.

Main Hall 

(Main Hall is 3.66metres (11 feet) high.)

Seating Capacity approximately 110 in meeting layout or 80 round tables.

There is a serving hatch from the kitchen

A  P.A. and a Loop System can be available on request at reasonable cost.

Plenty of Chairs are available and Tables are stored on a trolley in the store room.

Main Hall Hire charge £30.00 per hour

Corner Hall

Seating Capacity approximately 40 in Meeting Layout or 30 round tables.

Although there is no direct access

to the kitchen, coffee/tea

making facilities can be available 

on a trolley using flasks. Plenty of Chairs are available & tables on request

Hall Hire charge £17.25 per hour

Extended Hall

The above two areas can be made into one with a capacity of 170 in meeting layout or 130 round tables.

Hall Hire charge £40.00 per hour.

Centre Hall

Seating Capacity approximately 38 in meeting layout or 30 around tables

Serving hatch from the kitchen

There is a Loop System in

this room but no PA.

Plenty Chairs available and Tables are available on request

Hall Hire charge £17.25 per hour


Men’s, women’s and accessible

toilets are reached via linking



Equipped with crockery, cutlery,

pans, cooking utensils etc

Four ring industrial electric

cooker with large oven capacity

Industrial dishwasher (12 minute

cycle) Water boiler, Microwave

Hot cupboard, Refrigerator

No charge for tea/coffee making for

groups of less than 10

Otherwise £17.25 per session


Please make enquiries about hiring 

our facilities to the Lettings Secretary at or 07765 486213 for details.  

A standard booking form, detailing applicable conditions, along with a safeguarding form

must be completed, and accepted before Hall hire can be considered.

Evidence of DBS type clearance will be required for those working with vulnerable adults & children. 

There is a floor plan of the accommodation on the download page

There is easy access to all rooms 

A projection screen is permanently available at one end of the Main Hall and a portable screen is available for the small halls.


The photo file is a plan of the rooms with indication of sizes.

Main Hall is 3.66metres (11 feet) high.

To download an image, right click on it and select “Save image as” and name your file and save it in a location like “My Documents” if you wish to print a copy.